8 thoughts on “Tomato Gardening : How to Stop Curly Top Disease on Tomatoes”

  1. spray your plants once a week with neem oil (diluted) teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to keep insects away add a hot pepper or two in the mix and you will never get curly top virus because the leaf hopper won't come near your plants. no need for shade cloths. master Gardner take notes.

  2. Believe it or not too much wind can cause a similar condition.  I live inland in So. California and it can be a wind tunnel here.

    The tomato leaves curl up to protect themselves from the wind. It looks like its dying but the plant can actually be pretty healthy and continue to produce; though not as much. It starts with the leaves as they grow in and unless you protect from the wind all new growth will grow in that way.

    The leaves are curled and hard but they do remain green. Curly leaf virus makes the leaves turn colors so i have heard.

  3. Very helpful information – thanks!  I just cut about 1/2 of an infected plant and tossed it – sacrifice for the greater good!  🙂

  4. That was pitiful!  Too many "uhs…" There are much more effective methods to keep  leaf hoppers off your plants.  If this woman is a Master Gardener she needs to provide much more in depth information that what she gave in this video!

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