10 thoughts on “Tommy Lee-Ashamed”

  1. I had to come listen to this again. I watched "Knocked Up" on tv a couple nights ago and there was maybe 4 seconds of this song in the movie. It sounded familiar so I looked it up and came here.

  2. i love this solo stuff it's fuel for me if people don't like it that's their problem his voice is good maybe he doesn't have the range that all singers have but he's doin it 
    i rather listen to this then the bullshit crappy music we have today today's music is a joke and it sucks out of all the solo stuff from the motley boys voice's stuff is kick ass tommy's is kick ass mick well he's done some blues stuff which is awesome the only stuff i didn't really dig is nikki's solo stuff except for sixx:am which is awesome and brides of destruction i also like all kinds of music so enjoy this stuff for what it is 
    and thank god there's music that we can listen to

  3. imma good bitch and i love tommy, so shut up for being so respectless, i love almost all kinds of music imma rocker chick who loves rockstars and tommy lee deserves respect, so shut up u jealous people!

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