Tony Robbins Favorite Quotes 01 – Lets Talk About Deepest Desire vs Greatest Fear

7 thoughts on “Tony Robbins Favorite Quotes 01 – Lets Talk About Deepest Desire vs Greatest Fear”

  1. My old Pops he say “life is like a newsagents, the yorkie bar and the cream sodas, they are easy. But the best things in life, the box of milk tray and the dirty books… They are on the top shelf, you have to reach for them.!

  2. Yup releasing fears and agreements are a sure way to go. For me, I've never been attracted to "celebrities" and people in the spot light ( like tony) If he's still out there preaching and has millions of followers etc it's because he's working Consciously/unconsciously with the archons and those that rule this simulation. If he would wake up people and help them get out. He would NOT have a huge following. He wouldnt be allowed to operate this way. He would have been blackmailed or something. I dont know if you catch my drift ?

  3. Hey Rich,

    What do you think of the story of ' 'us' (old souls) trying to raise this planets vibration? I used to believe it but now it sounds like something we are told to get us to stay here.

  4. I could care less for Tony Robbins. I do find other quotes, some of which are quite inspiring as well as thought provoking.

    One that I liked was by Lao Tzu…
    "I do not concern myself with gods and spirits either good or evil nor do I serve any."

  5. When I was younger by my penpal I was required to speak foreign languages now mind you it is multiple phrases compared to 1 syllabul American English… I hated it it was a pain in the ass… I used to would have to rap in foreign languages after I rap in the English language.

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