Tooth Extraction and Socket Preservation

12 thoughts on “Tooth Extraction and Socket Preservation”

  1. Oh great I finally found a tutorial! I have been looking everywhere but I couldn't find any. Now I can save the $9,000! Ty man!!!!!.

    P.S. Do you have one for tonsils?

  2. Why the heck would you insert this shit into your mouth? This ain't "the natural way" ..Your gums will heal naturally and preserve what they can. Seems like a waste of money

  3. Is  this product available in Japan coz my dentist ( a Japanese ) says he does`t know about it. He really worriers me with his little knowledge on common things. He extracted my tooth that truly had no big of a problem other than just a filling that fell off. What do i do from here? Any help?

  4. This is very interesting. I just had a molar extracted and wish they would have done this. It's a great idea.

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