20 thoughts on “Top 10 Countries With Best Education System”

  1. Oh god please they all SUCK the education system is BADLY endangered and is BADLY SCREWED UP what are kids going to do when growing up?Live on the streets?Eat garbage with no clothes and be alcoholics?Guess what?It’s going to be happening before we know it whoever CREATED the education should be in the freaking jail right now we don’t even learn about OUR COUNTRY LAWS in MANY schools’ let me repeat that IT DOES NOT TEACH YOUR COUNTRY FREAKING LAWS which is absolute NONSENSE.We don’t even know how to pay taxes to be absolute honest I cane from and other country so I didn’t know English very well and I get high grades in English but guess what it’s not because of SCHOOL all I have to do is read and they throw topics at me which are useless in life it’s been three years I learned the English from the INTERNET!I’m not saying drop out of school I’m talking trash about the education system and i have a point so don’t think I’ll waste my time on you and fighting you.

  2. United Kingdom isn't good. We have to wear school uniform which is really boring and there is really bad things like worse than in America. A lot of people there still hate school. But in my school, most people and teachers think school is exiting for us. I am one of the only people who hate it.

  3. What had happened with Latin American? Where are they in the ranking? I would like to know that information.

  4. where is india .IIT(Indian Institution of India) is the instiution were the best tech talents of the world came from.CEO of Google Sundar pichai whose an indian as well as he is an IITian.

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