17 thoughts on “Top 5 Sailing Fails”

  1. I have been a sailor all my life, this clip reminds me that you can NEVER master the ocean, it goes wrong, and still love the sport,,,,STARBOARD 🙂

  2. How could you behave best on the last fail ? I am wondering if there was a chance against the last big wave ( I am doing right now my sailing license and this would realy be interesting for me to know if there was a human chance to change somehow the direction ?)

  3. #3 was a near tragedy at sea when a motor failed in sudden high seas and storm conditions with a child on board…shame on you for exploiting this and #5, mistakes or not, people were hurt -shame!

  4. #1) Dumbass trying to go after the drawbridge is already coming down.
    That's about as smart as trying to go through a railroad crossing while the 200 car train already has the engine in the crossing at 60 mph.

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