14 thoughts on “Trump Campaign Adviser Carter Page’s Testimony Uncovers A ‘Very Odd’ Picture | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. All the lying, scum-baggery, deceit, by Trump and all these sleaze bag people, along with many elected Republican officials, is beyond belief. The GOP, Inc is willing to turn this country into a distant cousin of Putin and Russia, just so they can give huge tax breaks, (all on the back of US citizens), to the GOP Donner's who want Pay Back for the past several years of funding assorted Republicans. Disgusting creatures, each and every one of them.

  2. Morning Joke would still vote republican in 2018. He knows what to say in order to keep enough eyes on the show that lavishly pays the bills for him and his girlfriend. At least enough to want the latest tax plan.

    Fortunately the truth is ugly enough, like an accident or a shooting, that this show is worth spending some time watching.

  3. RACHEL MADDOW has been piecing together this web of deception since day 1 of Trump presidency. I feel like, all of the information that you guys are in shock and awe over today, I learned of it mons ago from Rachel.

  4. I knew it would get weird when they got around to this guy. Russia is winning this phase of the Cold War.

  5. Please, Americans, don't let this gangster take your young servicemen and women to war, on his behalf.
    Your people deserve better.

  6. (Build the wall). No, build a 4×4 prison wall for trump and his family, I’m sure Mexico will pay and build it, if it’s only for trump and his family.

  7. mica is way better reporter/news person he interrupts and repeats stuff already said this should be her show with him co star

  8. OMG ! Sessions, Trump, Manafort they all knew. Page knew it was illegal and that's why he "asked permission" to see if they
    were OK with it. They knew all along. Collusion, interference, # illegal

  9. Sessions is Trump's lap dog. Trump tells him: 'say you know nothing about contacts with Russkies.' Sessions sits up like a poodle and gets another biscuit from The Dufus in Chief.

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