11 thoughts on “Trumps New Executive Order/Part 2/Big Take Down.”

  1. Absolutely fantastic review. And only one day behind the EO. Incredible. You Yanks really do have higher IQs and entrepreneurial, pioneering instincts.

  2. Mark Shuttleworth, South African computer wiz. Sold his company to an American company for approximately $30 Million

  3. I guess he got my email to him about the corruption in our courts that allowed all this to happen…it time to take down the entire legal system from every single judge all the way down to the lowest police officer. and start from scratch.. None of this could have happened without the blessings of the courts…..courts of "NON-EQUITY…!! No fairness, or justice unless you have money…!!!

  4. ************Bill Gates has been removed from the philanthropists list on philanthropistsinafrica as of 12/30/17. He was on the list the morning of 12/30/17. The foundation is still there, however. What does this mean?

    Gertler has ALSO been removed from the philanthropists page…….

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