18 thoughts on “Tyrese respond to 50 Cent and other speaking about him”

  1. He cried like he did in Baby Boy. Jodi! Lil Jodi! Momma! You ain't nothing, Lil chocolate bitch! Ving Rhames had him right

  2. Kids DON'T DO DRUGS.. On one vid he talking about he broke an nobody's helping him an the next he bragging about his s**t.. Drugs are a mutherf**ker

  3. that nigga didn't say 50 specifically, karceno where's the video where cryreese said he would get dr.dra on 50

  4. people are not in there right mind when they go through something like that if you haven't experienced it shut the fuck up because god will give you your trial !

  5. Tyrese is an attention whore, he is now extending his moment by pretending to be upset that people are chiming in on business he invited them into. It's actually making him look nutty as hell.

  6. Tyrese you on that you put it out there so claim it I believe you have broke down and cried before this is not your first Rodeo stand up and be a man you are a man we all go through up and down in life but there's no motherfuking way I will ever cry in a procast are you seeking attention that much where you be ridicule rare monk talked about your manhood respect in the Laughing joke on social media stand up and be a man you want to call yourself a father be a father you want to call yourself a dad act like one stop doing that week but thetic crying bulshit and be a man

  7. How is he crying broke when he posts on 'gram selling voltron jeeps?, chilling in Dubai with the A-rabs having dinner?

    Either he's been fronting hard about his lifestyle OR someone don't know how to manage their funds.

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