U2 – Desire [Lyrics on Screen]

19 thoughts on “U2 – Desire [Lyrics on Screen]”

  1. This song is so fucking good but when they perform it live they always fuck it up (bono I mean). I know bono likes to put a spin on everything to make the experience more unique for the concert goers, but for this song just stick to the original recording, nothing beats it, it's way better than any crap spin off bono can come up with and besides that it's a fucking killer song, one of their best (which is saying a lot). Like when bono sings this at the money part he says "for love of money, money, money money" like no dude wtf, why don't you say it faster, it's "for love of money money money money money, money money money money money"

  2. Not a big U2 fan, but this song has a ring to it, kinda sounds like a cross between the Doors and George Thorogood, I dig it.

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