14 thoughts on “Vegas shooting reactions trite and predictable”

  1. Jesus christ it is not fake. People really died. They did not get 22,000 actors to stage a show either. I can see why you people in the hoaxer crowd dont want to talk about mental health. You have to be a special kind of stupid to deny shootings or think ALL of them are CIA/Mossad. And I have to thank Melonhead Jones for starting this crap with Sandyhook and I guess before that when he said the government hit Haiti with an earthquake machine. Can IQ have a negative number because that has got to be the Jonestown audience.

  2. Yep, I instantly saw the same anti-NRA stuff pop-up at once. Makes me sick that this massive tragedy happened, but it also makes me sick when people instantly try to jump onto tragedy to further some agenda they already had. It's disrespectful to say the least.

  3. Why would you make this video before you know anything at all you assumed you knew what did and didn't happen if you listen to the police scanner you can hear the cops talking about multiple shooters coming from several different floors and locations don't be so quick to put a tin foil hat on a theory that might be a false flag attack ,isn't that how most wars get started?

  4. Ryan you don't honestly believe this was a one person shooting with the shooter conveniently killing himself do you??

  5. I don't get why it means you're on the right if you think this is some kind of false flag or staged hoax / drill Gone live

  6. Multiple shooters mentioned on Las Vegas PD cb radios, will never be mentioned on mainstream media. Fake event. Getting real sick of Ryan not letting anyone else have their own opinion that differs from his own analysis.

  7. I haven't researched this event in any great detail but the dozens of other attacks that I have investigated were either false flags or hoaxes. I'd be surprised if this one is any different.

    Ole Damemgard exposes these events and he's sure to cover this one in time.

    Side Thorn is offering $100,000 to anyone that can prove 1 person died in this Las Vegas event.

  8. I think I prefer Mike Rivero's analysis. This is a real event? Are you fucking kidding me? A real event. Man, I'm glad I'm not sending a penny your way dude.

  9. all kinds of conspiracy theory idiots at Tommy Sotomayor's live stream… would be great to have Ryan set them straight. i tried to spread his name there but i got blocked from the chat

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