11 thoughts on “Vikings: A Mythology of Peace”

  1. Anglo-Saxons did not always have been here.Anglo-Saxons are just a stupid West Germanic nation that has come from the areas of today's Germany or Netherlands.Celts are real British natives.What is your point?

  2. Joseph Goebbels is working for the BBC: Only one way to save democracy free speech & Britain is YOU MUST VOTE, nothing else will do, VOTE Anne Marie Waters ForBritain Join ForBritain http://www.forbritain.uk/ History will show that Tommy stood among the greatest of Englishmen

  3. Soem errors here and there. Odin wasn't a god of war and viking were mostly explorers. But indeed they also did bad things and started war and fights but also held deep respects for those folks who could defend themselves (like indian tribes in northern america). Christians weren't peacefull either. But I get why you made this video in this form. No one would run into your office and try to shoot you because you "ashamed" the north mythology and who you really targeted.Acutally the northern mythology is more progressive than christianity (and other actual religions *cough*) in some points.

  4. Is it wrong that I got a bit miffed by the guy clearly misinterpreting the poetic edda?
    It's very rustling to be compared to some bronze age paedo-loving religion from some deseser somewhere.

  5. SyeTen, most bad people in history did bad things because they were bad. Mohammad started raping women 1400 years ago, converted the ideology to religion and we see his legacy even today. Try to make a cartoon on that. Muzzie migrants will blow your balls off.

  6. Man altright Is gonna be upset you pointed out the fact vikings were disgusting savages like the muslims

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