15 thoughts on “Was Signing Rudy Gay the RIGHT MOVE for the SAN ANTONIO SPURS?”

  1. aldridge didnt seem to be fit on spurs. look at him now, hes averaging over 25pts in portland.hes only averaging 15pts. i understand spurs has more of a team play. its still hard to fit in spurs when youre an iso or post up player to get hot on the game.

  2. Leonard & Gay will be a force, against teams that play small ball. Also, it's not a stretch of the imagination to invision The Claw playing in the shooting guard slot against teams like GSW & Houston now. Great signing! Gay can score 15-20 in his sleep and has done it for a decade. Dude stretches the floor as a deep threat and can break-down his guy on the dribble and dunk ON People. Add Simmons and L.A. to the mix and they could be a juggernaut offensive team at times. I think Aldgridge will get a lot of easy buckets now with two guys that are inside/outside threats playing with him. Pop is still a genius. Gay is also an insurance policy, for Leonard to rest a little more in the coming regular season. This is a playoff-minded move. When Rudy starts getting hot, he stays hot and owns a quarter, or half. Spurs added another guy that can be a clutch player in clutch moments.

  3. its a good pickup if your looking for his offensive upside …and bringing him off bench….however……on defense Gay cant move his feet fast enough to guard a stone wall and gives up more points than he scores so you better be using him only for offense off bench. If he is a starter your a loosing team at this point in his career

  4. This is a smart choice for the Spurs,. He will be a good 6th man, or a starting small forward, to push Kawhi to the shooting guard position, he's long so he will be a good defender as well.

  5. Spurs new Starters:

    C: Pau
    Stretch 4: Rudy
    SF: Kawhi
    SG: Green
    PG: TP

    6th Man: Simmons

    Goodbye GSW, Pop's has you b@stards worked out – and the only way you won in WCF's was by getting Zaza to put a hit on Kawhi.

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