1. What an interesting place guys, I wonder if they blew it up or as you say the sea got it. Great video bro.

  2. Great video. That tower was incredible. You got a shout out on ww2 wendals latest video, you've been recommended as a great channel to watch! Woopwoop.

  3. Looks like a nice spot, great work as always, wish we had stuff like that here in Australia

  4. Blimey you were never allowed to get that close before.let alone walk along the ranges even when the mod weren't there. What's changed?

  5. Hythe Ranges
    6 miles west of Folkestone, on the edge of the town of Hythe, off the A259 Hythe-Dymchurch-Hastings road.

    An area of low lying, slightly undulating land adjoining the foreshore. Hythe Ranges is one of the oldest ranges in the country and has been used for live firing for nearly 200 years. The whole area is steeped in military history. There are two Martello Towers on Hythe Ranges, and a “Grand Redoubt” fortification at Dymchurch. These were built in the early 1800s to resist potential invasion by Napoleon.

    Access opportunities
    Access is available along the foreshore and the sea wall during periods of non-firing.

    Hythe Ranges are used for live firing with a danger area extending out to sea. Red flags are flown during live firing periods. During this time access is prohibited along the foreshore and see wall. A notice indicating live firing times is displayed at the entrance to the ranges and on other boards on the security fence at either end of the range complex.

  6. Wait?! So you can just waltz up to a MOD site and look around? there are no fences or guards? That would never happen here.

  7. I've got a range near me, it's about 20 miles as the crow flys, but the boom from the gun can be felt and heard for nearly 40 miles away,

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