19 thoughts on “What Is the Future of the Music Industry?”

  1. We need to stop the piracy of music . Illegal downloading should not be accepted . The market has not fucking change , the system of how people get their music has changed . If I went in a record shop and start stealing records I would be arrested , right ? So illegal stealing music cause you don't have the money is somehow justified ? Fuck you ! There needs to be a system in place where not every band is aloud on the page or site . Radio and MTV only had bands they wanted to promote and this was one of the top resources for people to find new music . With youtube and fb and bandcamp everyone is competing cause everyone is allowed to create a page . IMO I would like to see local scene's create a fb page and only review and promote the best of the best in their scene . Be a unbiased as possible and support GOOD local music . Things are the way they are cause of theft plain and fuckin simply !!!

  2. Record sales are a thing of the past, unfortunately. Ownership ain't what it used to be either. You simply can not stop piracy. Broke people like the arts too. Music, films, books, etc. Some people really can't afford these forms of entertainment, so they get it how they can. We live on stolen land, trade with borrowed fiat money, consume goods produced by people who have nothing and earn nothing for producing it. After that, we wanna bitch about it being difficult to sell the fruits of our hobbies? Get your money by doing shows, selling merch to true fans. Then you can do your hobby for a living. That's what I'm trying to do. For some reason, I just never really understood the concept of selling songs. But a performance, well that's a different thing entirely.

  3. Musicians earn a living by means of making music. 'Music is a part of our culture'? yes. Exactly why it's essential that we support the artist that make the music we like, otherwise you'll end up with crap like 'Mans not hot' and 'Gucci gang' all over the internet. This guy is like Bill Burr, keeps ranting about shit that has no ACTUAL facts or sense. I'd like to see him say all this when he soends thousands of dollars making his dream of music come true only to find over millions of dollars lost in pirated downloads. Hey you know what? Someone should do that. Someone should steal his video without coyright permisions, upliad it in their name, and include ads in it so they can earn money. THAT'S A MARKET. Fucking retard.

  4. His comments about professional athletes from the 50s are presented in an attempt to strengthen the idea that once a nation or people begin to take interest in an art/pass time/sport it gives the performers/artists/athletes the ability to leverage the corporate entities for better compensation. This example is in direct opposition to the reality and actuality of the music industry. Do we care any less about music now than in the past? Why then do we see the majority of musicians making less than ever? The industry has regressed into treating its talent more akin to how the athletes of the 50s were treated, yet there isn’t any decrease in interest in music. That point is null….

  5. He's in the ballpark.

    But "no one forced you to sell out to streaming".

    Um. I don't recall having a say. It was record companies again pimping out their artists recording for the easiest dollar.

  6. Musicians are just trying to pay the rent so they can focus on the music. Most of musicians aren't born millionaires like this guy sorry. If people refuse to support new artists and want to have a "sorry that just the way it is attitude" then dont expect to hear any good music from now on. You get what you pay for, if you want free music then musicians should get free rent.

  7. Who's thing guy? I've truly loved his performance, it was what I needed. As a '83 class guy I found very difficult to manage this changing in our era, mostly because the time I get confident in music, (I practiced on it for 20 years) no record deals were available and I already spent the maximum of my energies during my 20ies. Now I feel overwhelmed by the task required but excited too. It's just very tiring after this long efforts putted in the tasks are not valuable anymore today. But damn, I will not give up, it's so beautifoul learning how to use graphic design programs, new social media, music production, at least keeps our mind constantly developing and learning due to our passion! Never give up!!!

  8. Question was where would you take it? – Prick spent 5 minutes shifting around in his chair sweating off his coke comedown and basically patronizes his viewers who he thinks live in an era where Napster has just come out. The big issue is the corporations like Spotify and google have an oligopoly on music streaming. Bring something to the table don't just gloat and sneer ffs….

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