14 thoughts on “What Makes Tomatoes Turn Red”

  1. we have seen the use of acetylene in ripening. acetylene is easier to produce from carbides. some claim acetylene ripening is not good for human health. Any opinions?

  2. Hi liked your video I grow tomatoes an to turn them red yes bananas is one way but i remove the green stalk which holds the tomatoes on the vine an they turn red in a day or two also this way you can pick an eat them when you wish or turn them all red when needed for ones need or keep them green longer by not doing these steps to make green ketchup which is great or relish try this thanks for sharing your video

  3. hi Jeff i have no idea why but this years tomatoes have not produced good crops at all ……… in past seasons no problem… last year this year the same …. i do grow inside greenhouses as well as open ground… they are all green and small in size mystery ??? But looking at your video you have come to my rescue thanks Jeff most informative video ………….. Ed

  4. Oh, hmm. I have maybe a hundred days of growth, if I'm luck. My peak production comes in September, which is cold. Don't Bananas produce a ton of ethylene? Thanks

  5. yep its helpfull made me remember the last time i had succesfull tomatoes in the late 80's . someone had me wrap each tomato in newspaper as i had several hundred green tomatoes at the end of the season. man i ate a bunch of tomatoes that year and everyone else i knew did too. im growing in containers this year after forever, so its good info. thanks

  6. The subtitles told us what the best temperature was in F – which he already told us – but not in C – which he didn't….

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