19 thoughts on “What You Need To Know About #Charlottesville From An Unbiased Perspective”

  1. I was so confused at what happened at Charlottesville, I watched a bunch of videos, realising they only showed bad alt left, then I watched news channels who just showed bad alt left, so I'm getting so confused from both sides just showing bad videos of each other, so right now just saying that both sides are shit and good and I'm staying right in the middle

    [Neo-Nazi alt-'right'] and the current Democrat left have almost the exact same beliefs.
    'How crazy' you say ? Me too at first. You will look and not trust me and of that I won't curse. I looked and looked again and what have I found ? The difference only these two , I so happened to have found. 1. One are internationalists, the other national. 2. One hates non Whites and the other hates Whites. That's it. Nothing else. Both do share all of these traits: 1.Hate Capitalism 2. Are Socialist 3. Want big government [both for internal all around citizen control] 4. Both hate big banks. 5. They hate the Constitution 6. Are Collectivist 7. Don't care about individual rights/freedoms 8. Willing to use de platforming and violence to fight opposition to their control 9. Both dislike religion and want none of it at all in the their state (government) 10. They both dislike finance Capitalism and the international corporate banks. Their self given label of alt right seems to like Antifa's which seems doubtful indeed. If some pigs say call us 'alt-kittens' just makes the pigs look pretty lame. Please see for yourself that's what I did and now am so glad. You should also, in the end I think you'll be much much less sad.

  3. OH honey…within the first 23 seconds of your video…you just wiped your ass out! Ford Fischer is NOT an unbiased observer. He was "in the know" when it came to "something was gonna happen" and was right there, AWAY from all the action, WAITING for something else to happen instead, while everyone else was FILMING THE ACTION of the protesters. After all, he is a reporter, and THAT was "SUPPOSED" to be why he was there…to film the action. Only, i get the feeling he was waiting in front of the golf cart with the stretcher on it, and the Govt Truck, and there were "crowds in the way" and the action happened a bit "away from where it was supposed to happen" so he wasnt quite "johnny on the spot" the way he was supposed to be. Even the FBI has questions about his actions….

  4. Kudos for endeavoring unbiased coverage of the event, but as not just an eyewitness, but one who was there as a journalist writing a story for the Populist, Independent newspaper, American Free Press, it seems to me that the gentleman Luke is interviewing missed a thing or two. At no major fault of his, due to just how big the event actually was, and that it would have been impossible for any one person to take it all in as it happened.

    But my own observations compel the following critique:

    The police made NO EFFORT whatsoever to maintain any order at all.
    They forced the UtR attendees to wade through an army of Antifa and BLM and assorted leftists of various other stripes and were attacked from out of the starting gate by leftists, throughout the duration of the event and even as they tried to leave.
    The right certainly fought back once attacked, and came prepared to do so, (it would have been very foolish not to, as both BLM and ANTIFA are widely acknowledged to be hyper violent, terrorist organizations) but in a predominantly defensive capacity.

    The police were clearly ordered to stand down, and when doing so resulted in the inevitable violence that was escalating, they used this as a pretext to violently disband the lawfully permitted rally with heavily equipped, militarized riot police–who proceeded to do so by forming a shield wall and shoving the UtR attendees into the throngs of violent savages who had been relentlessly assaulting the right wingers the entire time.
    This isn't an opinion, it's what I witnessed with my own eyes and corroberated in the aftermath by listening to and reading dozens of podcasts and articles written by other attendees. Not to mention all the footage from livestreams, the media, and footage I captured on my own smart phone.

    Whether you're right wing or not, it was the right that was defending your rights to free speech that day, and the government and media violated the Constitutional rights of nearly 2,000 concerned Americans that day and recklessly endangered them with an Orwellian shut down of their rally.

    It was historical in not just these ways, but in that never before have we seen the police and government so flagrantly aiding and abetting leftist domestic terrorists.

  5. Both these guys are part of the problem. Alternative  fake news paid for by people who want to brainwash  young adults .

  6. Note, reporter states Antifa tends to start the violence by various measures. I'm not sure about that other groups he referred to that sounded socialist but were apparently NAZI oriented, I wish they had a transcript of this. But Trump was basically right about what went on but the drive by media tried to paint it as supporting the right wing extremists and KKK groups. Bunch of anal turds those reporters.

  7. So why aren't you guys addressing the fact that this type of actions are orchestrated? It's no coincidence that the cops stood by and allowed the two groups to confront each other and engage in war

  8. So the police stand down, let Antifa remove the police barriers, then the police declare the permitted gathering of the Nationalists now "illegal", shutting it down, and forcing the Alt-Right and Alt-Left together, outside of the permit zone.  Then the police disappear, and let them go at each other.  Who the hell was in charge?!   How come the C'ville political and police leadership are not being held accountable?

  9. was watching ford fisher video hurly this week and the set up was so obvious not even funny in first 5 min of video look like his walking down whats look like main street and u can see the red van park and set up at the street corner no one in it
    few min later seems to be standing 20 feet from the street where the accident happen and for few min til screaming and peoples starts running yet u never seen thats challanger backing up and leaving the scene ,,seems to me like the cameras would of seen it going by or even making engine noize and tires marks nothing there at all
    the worst or (best evidence) are they suppose to be medic reading her script while others are facking to be assisting the personne on the ground and to top it up, did anyones seen blood anywhere on thats accident scene no picture from the chopper thats when down not even picture thats was taken from the chopper either mabe was scrapp in the crash ..

  10. It's a sad DAY…why do the so CALLED cops allow ANTIFA (terrorism) to beat DOWN WHITE PEOPLE…BLM DO NOT MATTER…FUCK NO

  11. Enough! Yes it's clear..cops created the chaos…They did not serve and protect!!! FN cops…they are COWARDS..the cop's…ive seen enough…

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