13 thoughts on ““When Genocide Is Permissible”: Yochanan Gordon and the Times of Israel”

  1. Your are "clearly" an idiot who loves buzz words and you "clearly" don't understand what you are talking about. I don't care what you think. My regret is that I listened to you for 12 minutes too long!

  2. This guy is a genuine anti-Semite and not simply because he is falling for some Islamic PR.This is a guy who's other videos promote satanism so why wouldn't he want to slur gods people the jews.This guy talks about 'zionsist whilst having a demonic icon of molech and allah showing his demonic inspiration. On this issue he is is talking out of his butt who clearly knows very little about the history of ongoing islamofascist aggression nor the fact that Palestine itself was the invented product of a liaison between the grande mufti and top nazis that sponsored him..The crap this guy spouts is in fact propaganda that was hatched by palestinians that took a great deal of their initiative from the nazi propaganda .The word zionist simply means those who believe in the biblical prophecies that speak of how god would bring the jews back to the holy land it is only a code word for evil people thanks to ignorant antis emetic propganda.Palestine was all but empty when the jews made it a state most of the so called palestinians are themselves third generation immigrants that only came to the area from the surrounding nation to share in Israels prosperity and now want to blow up those that offered them.He conveniently ignores how several muslim nations have waged three wars of innovation against the state of Israel.Whos mullas still are ranting speeches planning and encouraging genocide.

  3. Jewish holy book, called the Talmud, insists Jews may kill non Jews with no penalty, which they do by the thousands every single day. It’s time to reverse this directive, and eliminate all penalties for the killing of Jews by non Jews. Only in this way can the world escape the tyranny of a prison planet ruled by the Jews.
    John Kaminski

  4. This is just ridiculous. Some kid whose dad owns the newspaper, a rag that has published reactionary drivel in the past but never anything like this, publishes the article and then makes everyone else apologize before he does himself, as insufficiently as possible. Which is a blessing anyway since no one wants him opening his mouth anyway. This hack, by the way, isn't a respected journalist either. He had his first article published a few months before, and this was his second. You've got the political convictions but no real knowledge, dude. How can you make an absurd claim that Zionism is not a religious movement? The first modern Zionist settlers where the Chovevei Zion, a religious Zionist movement. Modern orthodoxy in Israel means religious Zionism. They have dozens of yeshivas that run joint programs with the IDF. The antizionist Neturei Karta are a minority growing smaller every year, and even in the past most religious Jews of all stripes saw them as a bizarre minority. I can list reams of titles by major orthodox rabbis that are Zionist or deal with questions of the state of Israel and Jewish law, both of the good variety and negative variety. How can you claim to understand Zionism if you don't understand that it's the religious Gush Emunim movement that's been changing the Zionist experience for decades now, much the same way that the Christian right has been doing in America? How can you compare Zionism to Al Qaeda and Isis while not comparing Hamas to Al Qaeda and Isis? How does the Reichstag compare, unless you're claiming Israel's isn't and never was in real danger? How is it that I know all this crap and never heard of a "Samson Option" until now?

    You seem like a nice conscientious fellow. Get out of that echo chamber you're in if you don't want to embarrass yourself.

  5. Highly intelligent man who speaks so well and I agree with every single thing he said.  Why can't people just wake up and see what he and I have seen?  

  6. This isn't quite right. Israel identifies itself as the "Jewish state", so the crimes of Israel are done in the name of Jewish people whether they like it or not.

  7. What an anti-Semitic MORON.  Yochanan Gordon made an idiotic statement that was taken down a few minutes later, and which he apologized for.  YOU put together an extended, bigoted, anti-Semitic pack of idiotic statements and lies about a people you know nothing about, and it doesn't get pulled.  Go figure.

  8. Judaism is essentially SATANISM (Saturn-ism). The "Jews" "against" Zionism are  a very minute group. Any so-called "Jew" who doesn't renounce Judaism is either an illumined participant or an unwitting Satan worshiper. The latter being the great majority of course). Most Jews are atheists,  and many, as a cover for their practice of Satanism. "When genocide is permissible" – This, my friends, is par for the course per the JEW mindset. 

  9. I totally agree. But now, what are we going to DO? We cant just stand back and watch them getting slaughtered! there must be SOMETHING we can do!? and honestly… why the frig did Hamas keep shooting those rockets?!? It doesn't work and only makes more and more people side with Israel! CMON! they are doing EXACTLY what israel wants!!! And they haven't won back a single cm2 with combat against Israel…

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