20 thoughts on “Why can’t your body handle a punch to the liver? – Human Anatomy | Kenhub”

  1. I rather just punch the throat and damage their larynx, takes a lot less force, or punch the nose 0.25 seconds after a kick to the balls as he leans forward into the nose punch. Can't really depend on a liver punch when most people are right handed and lead with the left side of their body, covering their liver with their right elbow. Keep scanning for vulnerable spots and don't focus just on one move. Weapons are even easier to use, pepper spray, taser, baseball bat, etc.

  2. That's crazy, the other day in the gym someone told me I stimulated the vagus nerve after feeling nauseous and dizzy. Explains why I had an uncontrollable urge to lay down.

  3. I remember being First Grade and Being bullied for crying, One kid came and pushed me, I gave him a Liver shot and he fell down and started Whining like a bitch, Man i had good times Fighting

  4. i've seen a lot of boxing matches end by a hook to the liver. i thought it was just unbearable pain….now i know better…..

  5. I’ve been hit in the liver quite a few times, but I haven’t had to lay down for a lot of them. I’m thinking that it’s because they simply weren’t hard enough hits but then that would conflict the fact that the one time I did have to lay down was when I was hit by a hit that wasn’t that hard but hit just under my rib.

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