15 thoughts on “Why Is The Only Black Woman In Bright A Stripper”

  1. I think getting to roots are important. It ALWAYS comes down to MONEY. If there were no black stripper willing to be one then there would be no black stripper. The industry is calculated and skillful in what they do. All tools are used to draw people in. I wonder what would happen if no black actresses decided to play a gangster's girlfriend or a stripper etc. Who would they then hire?

  2. i thought there was one black woman that was a police officer? after they arrested the dude swinging the sword. she was with Internal Affairs, I think.

  3. Half of y’all probably won’t even go see Black Panther. Don’t even know Ryan Coogler but you’ll jump on this real quick.

  4. Even in this movie with this strong social commentary how could they do black woman like this?
    Will smiths characters's wife is even white.
    But then again the black woman is the most disrespected woman on the planet.

  5. Is this a serious complaint about the movie? Why don’t we ask the actress why she auditioned to be the stripper? Maybe find out how many black women even auditioned period for something other than being an extra. Where they even good? I swear some people act like EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is out to get them. Classic story of the boy who cries wolf. Now I know Kev is a comedian so this comment is more so for the people in the comments taking this way too seriously.

  6. Don't support that show. Watch 911 starring Angela Bassett and Aisha Hinds instead. Angela plays a field sergeant and Aisha plays a firefighter/paramedic.

  7. I ♡ this commentary!!!You're speaking the truth mixed with funny Kev! Lol Black women are the best detectives. Lol lol Orkeisha! Bwaaa haa

  8. If you're complaining in a fantasy world I got a black stripper then oh my god since when you turn yourself into social justice warrior it's a movie get over it stop complaining about the little things I bet if there was a white stripper you will still complain it wasn't a black stripper

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