15 thoughts on “Wings Wednesday – Sweet and Tangy Wings”

  1. Do you buy you wings fresh or frozen? I you noticed any differences in quality of wings? I notice a lot of the frozen wings say water solution added. Thanks. Great video as always.

  2. You are the "wing King" my friend…outstanding…I'm sharing this on my facebook page.

  3. thanks, Micah!  I can't get over how green it looks down where you are!  🙂  Last night it was 18-19F in NJ  and I left just in time <lol>   As usual, your wings look terrific!  Thanks again for your Wings Wednesday series!   Thumbs up, Norfolk Joe  🙂

  4. Wish I liked mustard because those wings looked excellent Micah! You're close to hitting 2K subs now. Way to go Micah!!!! Keep up the great videos brother!

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