Woman Defends Her Claims She Has ‘Psychic Abilities,’ X-Ray Vision

12 thoughts on “Woman Defends Her Claims She Has ‘Psychic Abilities,’ X-Ray Vision”

  1. Ohhhhh Dr. phil FAKE ASS Now you
    dont delete all The Damn Comments Cuz hes Scared People Will Talk about him Fake Ass Do your "Job" Phil.

  2. It's summer. I don't understand how so many people haven't put it together that the show is on hiatus EVERY SUMMER.

    That's for the all of the people commenting all over the shows about how they don't like the reuploading or wondering why there's so much of it. O_O how, just how? I don't get people's brains.

    I need that derp spongebob meme.

  3. Why did she tell Phil that Mathew had been sexually assaulted, that has nothing to do with her "abilities".

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