18 thoughts on “Yes – Fragile (1972) full album”

  1. It doesn't get much better then this album. Still great today. What a lineup: Jon Anderson, the best rock singer, Steve Howe, magic on the guitars, Chris Squire, an awesome bass player, Rick Wakeman, master of the keyboards and Bill Bruford at the center playing great drums.

  2. Have tried and tried with this music from 71 onwards.
    For me its pompous overblown and intellectual muso`s being pompous overblown and intellectual. It has always left me cold and disinterested.
    I`m here trying again, but finding it impenetrable.feels like it`s trying to be clever all the time
    Ironically my 25yr old son loves it and is constantly telling me I`m wrong.

  3. Early 70's Rock music was defined by bands like YES and others from across the pond.
    For those of us hearing ( actually listening and not just as another App alternative ),this LP was a real game changer.
    Thanks for the post.

  4. Progressive is white jazz. Just as innovative and just as legit. Pass it around. I'm black and fucking LOVE progressive. This: is true music.

  5. Listen carefully to "We Have Heaven,"   and. . .  you won't feel so "lost in the city!"   And  Happy Easter to everyone.

  6. Seeing Roundabout Live per their induction into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame was pure joy!  Such an amazing band of extraordinary musicians when you listen to YES recordings and then see or hear them play live.   Geddy Lee playing bass for the late Chris Squier – well he did justice and paid homage to Chris.   Yes, Fragile and their other  Musical recordings are Timeless and exceptional!  You wonder why bands today and many are so inept at creating music that's so innovative and interesting vs. your every day pop hit.

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