15 thoughts on “YOU dont know how to train!”

  1. I don't agree being an actual athlete playing basketball,football,track,wrestling,etc. is different from bodybuilding! You are never supposed to get injured lifting weights. If you know your limits and technique you won't get injured. Any athlete can tell you they get injured by uncontrollable events, acl, tackles, hyperextension, how often do you hear someone getting hurt as an athlete in the weight room? Lifting weights is 100% controllable when playing an actual sport against other people is not!

  2. You have a point…. sort of…. Are we talking injuries sustained during comp, or injuries during training? Cuuuuz…. the first one is inavoidable the higer up on the world ranking you are competing. The last one however…… Sure, shit sometimes happen… but not on a regular basis? If it does your training programming is probably off? Note that I'm not touching the subject of bb'ers on vast amounts of gear…. that's a whole different monster.

  3. Actually it is exactly 151.000 at the moment πŸ™‚
    Wish you another 151k Jerry πŸ˜‰

  4. A bunch of grown men whining about each other. I don't follow either of these channels, but they show up in my feed all the time and I watch them occasionally. Not sure how people take either of them seriously.

  5. wonder if he makes money for every time he says FUCK lol. Or a bet like on Super Troopers. right meow

  6. You train hard in any sport for any length f time, you get injured. How badly depends on luck and stupidity. If you get heavily into any kind of weight training in your teens, by the time you're middle-aged you will have the scars and aches to remind you of it for the rest of your life.

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