16 thoughts on “Youtuber Eats a Cactus for Revenue”

  1. Jeffabel and friends? I was wondering what happened to Danga! You guys weren't both in a video for a long time now. I'll support you either way just sad to see you guys not together on the channel anymore. Hope alls well man! Don't give up! The YouTube apocalypse is screwing everyone, but you have some dedicated fans! Just need to keep up the schedule and hopefully things will semi get fixed in YouTube soon. Maybe someone could stream also on top of recording it for YouTube so you could get some donations at the same time. Stream the whole process before the stunt/during/after. Keep killing it!

  2. When i accidentaly bite my tounge , it's already hurt very much . Now that guy bite that cactus on purpose , doesn't he even care to his own body ?

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