“Zaza IS DIRTY!”, Coach Pop GOES OFF, Pachulia & Warriors Respond

15 thoughts on ““Zaza IS DIRTY!”, Coach Pop GOES OFF, Pachulia & Warriors Respond”

  1. you still don't want to admit that LaMarcus Aldridge did it intentionally, salty stubborn spurs bricks

  2. pop , remember 2007 SA vs PHX? when you almost kill Steve Nash in that series?

    now that you star is down, you can't take the L?

  3. give me a break he was making the def play on the shooter, he had momentum off his back foot when Leonard released, Pachulia's momentum carried him into Leonard's space. It sucks and its a bummer, but no way was that intentional, it was accidental. He might have been able to short stop his momentum so giving him the flagrant was deserved, but no way was that intentional or dirty. I can make a "dirty play" compilation on any player in the league. I love Pop but he's off his meds on this one. I hope Leonard is ok and back for game 3.

  4. He is trying to destroy the NBA league by playing dirty. he should be given a stern warning by the NBA officials. His dirty plays are designed to harm or injure his co-players. I watched the compilation of his dirty plays and it so obvious that he wants to harm his opposing players. Shameful !

  5. lol i dont think it was intentional, but then even if it was spurs bruce bowen use to do the same thing in the past so y is pop crying now? wen bruce bowen use to do it he wouldnt comment on it ahahaha pop pay back is a bitch…plus spurs were up by 25 points, how can u lose a game from tht position? even if kawhi got injured spurs shouldve won the game lolll

  6. If zaza was on the other team and "accidentaly" did this on curry, you bitch asses would say zaza is dirty.

  7. Dirty Draymond and Dirty Lady Zaza Petunia!! When you can win you play dirty!! That play was right in line with Lady Zaza's history look it up…

  8. can't wait for LeBron to shit on the warriors and durant not win shit like he did in OKC when he had ibaka harden Westbrook

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